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Welcome to Bury Green Spaces community hub!

With sponsorship from Bury St Edmunds Town Council and implemented by Greener Growth CIC we aim to involve the public in a new environmental scheme which fosters benefits for the local, regional community by focusing on conservation and well-being.

Our plan is to integrate current Greener Growth projects in Bury St. Edmunds and develop new sites in order to create a “Green Corridor” throughout the town for the benefit of our wildlife and the wider environment. The consultation process will involve Bury St. Edmunds town Councillors and the public networking with ideas about green spaces within their area.

By the end of the project a map will be produced and presented to the Council and and wider community. The green corridor map will be complemented by a series of suggestions from the public and Greener Growth which will reflect a more ecologically sound management strategy across our town. This will also aim to assist in the development of our environment and contribute to the alleviation of social isolation and health issues prevalent in our communities, a particularly important factor in light of COVID-19.

A “bio-blitz” was to be carried out on various sample sites with local residents to record existing biodiversity so that we could track year on year improvements. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown this has not been possible and we do not wish to wait any longer to progress this project. We have therefore re-focused the initiative to incorporate more time collaborating with local organisations such as West Suffolk Council, The Hive, Bury in Bloom, Bury St Edibles, Grow Bury St. Edmunds Community Garden and others. This will help to further extend the sites included in the map and those who might want to be involved.

Check out how our green corridor map is developing and discover the locations and conservation data of our various projects.
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Many of our partnership projects begin as a result of collaboration with local communities in Bury St Edmunds and beyond. They are often, but not solely initiated as a consequence of our request for support from our local town, borough and county Councillors. We are grateful for their support and encouragement.

Following the instigation of these projects we are then able to continue our work on these sites with local residents, school children and other participants as a result of payment from the organisations themselves or additional grant applications that we make.

Furthermore, to extend our cover we have developed a commercial arm to our services and the profits from this work is channelled into worthy but unfunded schemes that we aim to continue supporting wherever possible.

Westgate Primary School

Three years into a project that includes installation of raised beds for food growing, a heritage orchard and the installation of various habitat havens.

Havebury/Howard Community Conservation Project

Raised beds installed at path intersections with food growing and bio-diversity enhancing planting.

Barons Road Community Raised Beds

A set of bollards, bench seats and raised beds with food producing, bio-diversity enhancing planting, plus bollards, to stop nuisance parking.

Horringer Court Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

A substantial community project with a heritage orchard, raised beds with bench seats, compost bays and habitat havens, plus wild flower meadow turf planting.

Howard Memorial Orchard

A large community Heritage Orchard with over 50 trees planted in memory of local loved ones who lived on the Howard Estate, sponsored by Fulchers Funeral Directors

Howard Primary School

Three years into the project so far, includes Raised beds & bench seats for growing food, habitat havens and a heritage orchard

Jankyns Place Community Kitchen & Wildlife Garden

A community garden sponsored by Metropolitan Housing and working with Julian Support, transforming the courtyard garden and helping the residents grow together.

River Linnet Conservation Project

Conservation work including planting of wildflower turf, installing habitat havens and bio-blitzing the wildlife with local schools.

Saint Olaves Precinct Raised Bed Project

Restoration of raised bed through weeding and replanting which was subsequently maintained for the rest of the year.

St. Olaves Woodland Project

Reinforcement of nature trail with wood-chips, installation of large insect hotels, bench seats and habitat havens.

Angel Hill College

We are currently delivering a garden make-over project with delivery of new allotment beds for growing fruit trees and habitat havens.

Tollgate School

3 year installation so far which includes renovation of wildlife pond, heritage orchard, raised beds, raised wildlife pond, bench seats & raised beds and installation of habitat havens.

Southgate Community Centre

This project aims to enhance this multipurpose centre with the inclusion of a colourful and nature-based mural to truly complement the vibrancy of the interior.

Westley Middle School

An ongoing 4 year installation project including heritage orchard, food-growing allotment beds, wood chip paths, green & dry willow sculptures, bench seats, pergola restoration, habitat havens. 

Riverwalk School, College & RAISE Unit

5 years of delivery including interactive food growing gardens with habitat havens, raised beds, bench seats, green willow and heritage fruit trees.

Hardwick Primary School

A project which will create a range of new facilities that the children will be involved in creating. They will help to install new raised allotment beds for food growing projects, various habitat havens to increase the biodiversity in the area.

Hardwick Heath wildlife garden

An area within Hardwick Heath open space located near the car park and largely accessible to accompanied wheelchair users, offering visitors the opportunity of looking at easily created wildlife-friendly garden features.

Grove Park Community Garden

Grove Park Community Garden is an area of public open space at the corner of Grove Road, owned by St. Edmundsbury Borough Council.

Cotton Lane Orchard

The site contains traditional orchard trees ready for extension and enhancement. Includes hay meadow, coppiced stools and a ditch/wetland area.

Saxon Gate

A Nature Reserve running beside the River Linnet comprising of water meadow, small ponds, hedging, trees & shrubs. The site supports a wide variety of wildlife

Greener Growth CIC Reg No. 8700499, R.O: 124 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RS.

Bury Green Spaces is sponsored by Bury St. Edmunds Town Council and delivered by Greener Growth CIC with input from West Suffolk County Council.
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